Brianna. 17. I proposed to Marina💎 over the phone on December 15th 2012. I gave Charli a bra on November 20th 2013. INTJ. Ravenclaw. Capricorn. 5w6.

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 °˖✧◝ 2003 cyber waifu في كل مكان
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FLIRT December 1947
cover by Billy DeVorss
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name: brianna

gender: female


(i thought the grass looked nice ok)


food: sea food. all of it

author: Chuck Palahniuk 

song: Valley of the Dolls by Marina

movie: Side Effects, Heathers, Daydream Nation, Blue is the Warmest Color

tv shows: ahs, oitnb, GoT, Girls, Misfits, My Mad Fat Diary

band: st lucia

solo artist: marina

place: vassar college 

subject: psychology, history, math

sport: misandry


besties: communed and gh0stcityusa

first url: manky-wank3r (regret)

hobbies: saxophone, guitar, blogging, eating, shopping, taking notes, arguing, teenage shenanigans, crying, marina, cleaning, man hate

siblings: brother

pets: 3 dogs

zodiac sign: Capricorn

birthday: january 10th

hometown: largo, florida

time you woke up: 10am

i tag gh0stcityusa, bitchy2k14, and mistyslay 

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Alcohol vs marijuana